How we're flying around the world

around the world in 30 days

Josiah just posted some of the details about how he and I booked a 16-stop, around the world trip, for about $400. The trip is booked for May of next year, and lasts about a month.

A lot of people would focus on the monetary aspect of this, how we were able to work the system to get cheap flights and so forth. But a bigger point for us was that this trip would not focus on Europe, but on some of the more interesting, less first-world-centric parts of the planet.

That is, after all, where the wild things are.

It would be easy to take a trip, and never leave the comforts of home, so to speak. We're risking that as it is, with such a short excursion. But we hope, by focusing on the areas that seem the most other-worldly, that we will experience what cannot be experienced in any other way.

The full itinerary is here: