BBC Human Planet

This is the video that sort of started it all. A few weeks ago, it catalyzed something that had been brewing in a lot of us for a long time.

For me, it captures something about what it means to be human - that humanity itself is fluid and dynamic, always changing, adapting itself to any environment that can be imagined, charting courses through the unknown with abandon, finding ways to create beauty in the common. We humans have adapted bodies meant for walking, to the cause of flight, we have taken hands meant for grasping, and made instruments of amazing precision, we have brought forth music from muscle, and culture from sensation, and glory from bones.

We are amazing creatures of wonder.

We are beings poised on the edge of a vast expanse, always tipping, always falling forward into the chaos and danger and joy that is life, stretching out our arms as we do, so that we can fly far, and fast, and in absolute terror, into what is waiting for us.

We want to explore what this means, what humanity is in the world, and the ways in which we can expand into that potential, taking hold of what we are.

And that is what this site is about.